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 Help! My food has no taste!!

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Help! My food has no taste!! Empty
PostSubject: Help! My food has no taste!!   Help! My food has no taste!! EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 11:47 pm

An unfortunate reality when removing added salts, sugars and fats from your diet is that you're probably going to notice the lack of flavor. Take heart! This is only a temporary effect. As your palate adjusts to this new way of eating, you'll soon begin to appreciate the natural flavors of foods. Truly, there is life after salt!

Part of what makes the transition period difficult is our tendency to stick with our old reliable ways of preparing foods. The obvious trouble here is that suddenly Old Reliable no longer tastes like the food you've come to know and love. What do you do then? Branch out! Fool your tastebuds by shifting gear: either try another preparation entirely (perhaps hashed browns with sautéed onions and peppers instead of a yawning, empty baked potato?) or try another carb entirely. Your taste buds have no basis of comparison because you're eating something new or different. Pretty sneaky, eh?

What else can you do? Kick up the herbs and spices. Just be sure to check your bottles if you're using dried herb or spice mixes to make sure what you're using doesn't contain salt, sugar or MSG. And PLEASE don't overlook fresh herbs! They can do AMAZING things to your foods: chicken simmered with garlic, broth, tomatoes and a sprinkling of fresh rosemary, mmmm.... Anything with tomatoes topped right before serving with strips of fresh basil.... a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme thrown into soups, stews or just about anything.... coarsely chopped fresh cilantro topping your Indian or Mexican dishes... fresh parsley and chives on your cooked carrots... these ideas and so many more can take tired old flavorless dishes into a whole new realm. Add delicate herbs such as parsley, chives, basil or cilantro just before serving -- or in the final moments of cooking for maximum flavor; sturdier herbs such as tarragon, rosemary, oregano or thyme may be added earlier in the cooking process. But wait! There's more. Cook with fresh garlic, onions, shallots or leeks. Sauté in wine (table wine, please. Anything labeled cooking wine has additives we don't want). Use chiles (dried or fresh -- your choice) and/or tomatillos. Add mushrooms. Cook with vinegars -- red wine, balsamic, flavored... Experiment with marinades -- not only do they add flavor to your foods, they also serve as tenderizing agents for tough cuts of meat. You'll find some recipes for marinades in your binder and more in the Condiment Recipes Forum. You'll also find various spice combinations and recipes for on-plan versions of ketchup, mustard, barbecue sauce and more in that same section. You may also find a squeeze of lemon juice on various foods (even veggies) seems to satisfy some portion of the tang on the palate that salt provides.

And remember, your tastes are in the process of changing. Don't make the mistake of thinking because you previously hated eggplant you're doomed to hate it for life. Just because we're adults doesn't mean our tastes are locked in. Different preparations yield entirely different results -- some of them magical! Allow change to happen. Open yourself to possibilities.

Lastly, think outside of the box. Just because you can't fry your foods doesn't mean you can't sauté them. Just use no-salt-added chicken broth instead of fat. If you're used to baking, try broiling. Grill. Poach. Stew. Roast. Stir-fry (again, you can use chicken or veggie broth) Crockpot. Thread foods on skewers. Variations are all around you, waiting to be discovered.

Have fun with your food-- even though Mom told you never to play with it!!!


Help! My food has no taste!! Pbucket

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Help! My food has no taste!!
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