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 Since I can't use oils, how do I keep my food from sticking?

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Since I can't use oils, how do I keep my food from sticking? Empty
PostSubject: Since I can't use oils, how do I keep my food from sticking?   Since I can't use oils, how do I keep my food from sticking? EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 10:51 pm

Your binder mentions the importance of having a good non-stick pan. It also suggests that you substitute cooking fats either with no-salt-added broth, wine or water. In doing so, keep in mind that whereas fats don't evaporate (and don't we wish fat DID evaporate!) these other liquids will, so get used to preheating your pan over medium heat about three minutes or so before use, watch your food closely as it cooks, and add liquid as needed to combat sticking or premature browning.

Certain vegetables can actually cook in their own moisture or with the addition of very little added liquid. The catch is that you can't cook these things quickly. Cooking veggies without fats takes more patience and slower temperatures. You may prefer your nonstick pan so that veggies don't burn.

Here's another surprise for you: many foods don't NEED cooking fat! Is that a shocker? We're so conditioned to sloshing a bit of oil here, tossing a lump of butter there because this is how the chefs do it on television. The reality is that meats, poultry and fish brown quite nicely without added fats-- in fact, it's the actual bonding of the food with the hot pan which makes your food brown. In some cases, particularly when you want your meat nice and browned, you may actually find it preferable to NOT use a nonstick pan. This is particularly helpful when you'd like to create a sauce. As part of this procedure, before adding the meat you'll want to make sure you've preheated your pan as noted above. As the meat browns, juices are released from the meat, which adhere to the pan in a process known as caramelization, along with some of the bits of meat. The meat will continue browning and will actually RELEASE from the pan when it's ready to turn. Anything which is stuck to the pan after cooking can actually be made into a dandy sauce by deglazing. Simply pour wine or broth into the hot pan and begin scraping up all the bits and pieces of meat and juices which have stuck to the pan. Once you've loosened everything and cooked it down a bit, you can put it aside, cook up some onion, garlic, mushrooms, leeks or whatever you wish-- till they're soft-- add back the deglazing liquid, season with herbs or spices of your choice (add more broth or wine if you wish) and thicken if you wish with a heaping teaspoon of arrowroot which has been mixed into a paste with a bit of water. VoilĂ ! A sauce!

For those of you baking or roasting, there is help as well. It's really not necessary to resort to cooking spray (which is, after all, just oil) when there are Items such as Reynolds Release nonstick foil, cooking parchment or Silpat out there to produce excellent nonstick results. Reynolds Release should be alongside other foils in your market.


Since I can't use oils, how do I keep my food from sticking? Pbucket

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Since I can't use oils, how do I keep my food from sticking?
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