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 Marianne's Baked Fish

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PostSubject: Marianne's Baked Fish   Marianne's Baked Fish EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 11:28 am

Marianne's Baked Fish

◦1 lemon and 1 onion, both thinly sliced

◦a filet of any kind of fresh solid white fish (haddock, cod, halibut, tilapia, etc.)

◦pepper and Mrs. Dash nsa seasoning to taste

◦3 - 4 tablespooons liquid: water, nsa chicken broth, or for extra flavor either white wine, dry sherry or marsala

In the center of a large piece of aluminum foil, layer ingredients as follows:
half the onion
half the lemon
the fish filet
Mrs. Dash seasoning of your choice
lots of black pepper
the rest of the lemon
the rest of the onion

Pour on top 3-4 tablespoons of liquid. Fold the foil to make a pouch, and bake 30 minutes at 350 degrees.

I usually buy 1.5 lbs to heartily feed a family of 3, so I have leftovers. Ask the fishmonger to skin the filet for you; if you cook the fish with skin on, the taste will be stronger ("fishier") but still good.

If you have fresh herbs around, add a large sprig of fresh dill or parsley on the bottom (before the onion) and top (after the onion). I've also added coarsely chopped celery or fennel, leaves and all, before/after the onion.

You can also bake chunks of potatoes this way, cooked in a separate pouch at the same time (depending on size of potato chunks, may take 45 minutes to cook).

Compatible with Body Type:
Breakfast A-B-C-D-E
Morning Snack A-B-C-D-E
Lunch A-B-C-D-E
Afternoon Snack A-B-C-D-E
Dinner A-B-C-D-E
PM Snack A-D-E

This Recipe Contains: Protein A, Free Veggie


Marianne's Baked Fish Pbucket

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Marianne's Baked Fish
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