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 What kind of rice can I use?

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What kind of rice can I use? Empty
PostSubject: What kind of rice can I use?   What kind of rice can I use? EmptyWed Oct 13, 2010 10:45 pm

More than likely, there are more varieties of rice out there than you ever knew existed: long grain, arborio, brown, jasmine, wild, basmati and calrose are some of the more common varieties, but there are loads of others to keep you busy!

As far as plan-friendliness goes though, brown rice seems to produce consistently good results, any non-processed natural rice product would be an acceptable choice.

Steer clear of anything labeled with the words "minute," "converted (parboiled)" or "instant" and be very wary of any rice containing added seasonings.

A reminder: In our posted recipes, unless we've specified "cooked rice," please assume that rice is always uncooked. Different rice expands at different rates so it's best to measure after it's cooked.


What kind of rice can I use? Pbucket

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What kind of rice can I use?
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