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 Spaghetti Sauce with Chicken

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PostSubject: Spaghetti Sauce with Chicken   Spaghetti Sauce with Chicken EmptyFri Oct 15, 2010 10:35 am

Spaghetti Sauce with Chicken

Note: The original recipe listed a 13 oz can of tomato paste as one of the ingredients. Since this product does not appear to be available at this time, I'm questioning whether the original quantity may have been a typo, or whether this product isn't widely available in the US. I've made the substitute below and recommend that you check the consistency of the sauce the last hour or so of cooking. If it appears thin, go ahead and stir in as much of a second can of tomato paste until its reached a desired thickness, cover and let the sauce finish cooking.

◦1 lb ground chicken or turkey breast

◦1 red bell pepper, chopped

◦1 green bell pepper, chopped

◦1 large onion, chopped

◦5 crushed/chopped tomatoes

◦2 pureed tomatoes

◦½ cup nsa chicken broth

◦6 oz can nsa tomato paste, or more (see note above)

◦3 large carrots, finely chopped

◦any other vegetables that you like, e.g. mushrooms, celery, etc.

◦1 teaspoon dried oregano

◦1 teaspoon dried parsley

◦1 teaspoon crushed red peppers

◦1 tablespoon dried sweet basil

◦4 bay leaves

Cook first 4 ingredients together in pan until chicken is cooked. Meanwhile in a large pot, combine remaining ingredients. Add meat mixture once it is ready, and simmer 2-4 hours, or cook in crockpot.

Compatible with Body Type:
Morning Snack
Lunch A-B-C-D-E
Afternoon Snack
Dinner A-B-C-D-E
PM Snack

This Recipe Contains: Protein B, Veggie A, Free Veggies


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Spaghetti Sauce with Chicken
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